HBF Textiles 2019 Spring Collection

HBF Textiles’ 2019 Spring Collection builds on the success of some of HBF Textile’s best-selling patterns while launching soon-to-be new favorites. The wooly texture, Honest, features new color additions; and Moving Forward, the successful moving blanket re-interpreted, highlights new neon fill yarns for an added pop of color.

Grateful Grid, Caddy Corner, Wild West, and Vault Lights are new best friends that combine multi-colored small-scale patterns that bridge across classic HBF Textiles textures.

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The Honest color family is growing! New exciting shades from Christiane Müller are expanding this simple and beautiful solid texture.

Moving Forward

Moving blankets have never looked so good. Moving Forward takes the original artwork from Elodie Blanchard’s Moving Blanket and propels it into a vibrant, luminous direction.

Grateful Grid

We are grateful for this wonderful grid weave comprised of soft chenille yarns. A multi-colored planted warp engages with a multi-colored fill set for a lively textural cloth.

Caddy Corner

Kitty Corner, Catty Corner, Cattywampus…whatever works for you on the diagonal. Our Caddy Corner is the odder spelling and takes its cue from the small scale 45-degree angles.

Wild West

Our Wild West distressed leather features a scratch-resistant surface with a matte finish, like a well-worn pair of cowgirl boots.

Vault Lights

Glass circular sidewalk prisms were a method of daylighting basements (vaults) during the day. At night, lighting in the basements beneath produced a glowing sidewalk. Our pattern Vault Lights was inspired by these smart skylights with their bumpy quality and jewel-toned hues.

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