Quick Looks – Acoustic Panels

Calm Collection Acoustic Ceiling Tiles from FACT Design

The Calm Collection from FACT Design merges acoustic tile with fractal visuals to help reduce stress in indoor environments.
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FACT Design Acoustic Tiles V Fold in Library Setting

Primary Design Resource Now Represents FACT Design Acoustic Ceiling Tile Systems

Acoustic ceiling tiles that drop into a 2x2 ceiling grid. Easy installation, long-term functionality, and a more sustainable product.
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Scandinavian Spaces’ Partners at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Scandinavian Spaces' partner brands presented a variety of inspiring products at the The Stockholm Furniture Fair.
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Scandinavian Spaces Adds Karl Andersson & Soner

Scandinavian Spaces now partners with Karl Andersson + Soner. Well-made Swedish classics designed to last and outlive fleeting trends.
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Blå Station’s Arc Acoustic Panels

An acoustic panel system inspired by the arcades of the Colosseum in Rome that can be used in many vertical...
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New Releases for Scandinavian Spaces at Stockholm Design Week

Scandinavian Spaces manufacturing partners Blå Station and Materia presented new seating, table, acoustic panel, and desking products at the Stockholm...
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