Scandinavian Spaces’ Partners at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

The Stockholm Furniture Fair is held yearly in February and unveils the latest trends and products from Scandinavia. The Fair is known for having the most comprehensive selection of Scandinavian design. Scandinavian Spaces’ partner brands presented a variety of inspiring products.

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Here are a few highlights:


Bobby by Blå Station

The BOB family is growing with a newly arrived younger brother. Bobby can gather around tables or be happy standing all by himself, or he can assemble himself into a slender sofa thanks to strong magnets. Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand’s latest design has a reduced footprint perfect for areas where space is restricted.

Bolero by Skandiform

Comfort and fashion meet when the new Bolero sofa series occupies the room. Timeless yet a step ahead. With its soft shape and different layers, Bolero combines a unique expression with a feeling of coming home. No matter where you put it.

Twig by Skandiform

With a softly curved seat and a backrest topped with the dowel that gave the chair its name, the Twig chair fits into any environment that requires flexible solutions. Natural design and practical function – Twig is a minimalistic chair that both blends in and stands out. And when function and innovation meet, your bag gets its own place to hang out.

Darling by Minus Tio

Darling is a welcome addition to the minimalistic designs of Minus Tio made of traditional materials, highlighting wood, steel, and leather. The chair fuse comfort with character where the cuddly back cushion is what truly makes it your darling.

Rocca by Materia

The Rocca stool has a playful design that helps the body to keep active. The steel tubing gives the stool a minimalistic appearance, something that also makes it unique. The ring encourages movement and the seat lets you sit comfortably. Together they form a unit that interacts. A different kind of seating that is easy to carry around in activity-based meeting places.

Vagabond by Materia

Vagabond Project has a classic design with well-balanced proportions combined with modern functionality. It is a flexible table on castors, with many areas of application such as offices, restaurants and schools. The table is available in several formats, with heights of 28,7” or 35,4”. Electrical sockets and/or USB sockets and an accessory box recessed into the table top are available as an option. The table top is available in white pigmented ash, clear lacquered oak and white HPL laminate.

Vagabond Screen is a project and meeting table which combines form with function. It fits well into for example office environments, schools and conference venues. Mounting brackets can be hung onto the table end to enable simple fitting of a screen. A whiteboard or accessory boxes can be mounted on the opposite side to conceal the back of the screen. The table top is available in white pigmented ash, clear lacquered oak and white HPL laminate, height 28,7” or 35,4”. Power is available as an optional extra, including a socket under the table top for the screen, an electric box in the table top with three electrical sockets plus two USB, one HDMI and one network socket.


Hygge by Karl Andersson & Söner

While on a sailing trip to the Danish island of Læsø, Johan and Nina Kauppi, found the inspiration to create a generously proportioned seating solution that can be shared by several people – creating that special feeling of cosiness the Danes call “hygge”. Hygge uses the same frame design and cushion, yet create highly individual variations depending on the accessories with which they are combined.

Saga by Nordgröna

Saga combines classic style with modern function, and was named after the Swedish word for fairy tale. With four different click-connecting tiles, architects and interior designers are offered a new possibility for creative interior design. Each Saga tile comes with a patent-pending click-connect mechanism. The top row is secured to the wall using a screw and plug. Tiles below are slotted into position and automatically shift into a correct hanging position. The innovative mechanism allows for easy, quick, and secure installation.



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