On the Move – Mobile Meeting Furniture Ideas

Flexibility is becoming more and more important in workplace design. Creating ad-hoc meeting spaces that adapt to your needs requires the right combination of mobile meeting furniture: seating options, tables and accessories.

Keilhauer’s Buncha collection includes rolling, ganging, nesting, connecting and powered options to set up a complete collaboration space. Scandinavian Spaces’ iQseat is a portable soft seat with a backrest that flips to become a tablet for writing or computing wherever you are. Their Vagabond, Vagabond Screen, and Vagabond Project tables come in a multitude of heights and styles–and are all on wheels to move with you.

Swipe through these galleries for inspiration!

Keilhauer Buncha Collection

Scandinavian Spaces iQseat

Scandinavian Spaces Vagabond Table

Scandinavian Spaces Vagabond Screen Table

Scandinavian Spaces Vagabond Project Table

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