New Colors for Leland Amadeus

One of Leland’s top-selling chairs is getting a new infusion of color. The color revision of Amadeus – a simple, versatile stacking chair – leans heavily into the American story—the landscapes and landmarks that echo American Modernism. The six new colors in the revision include: Blue Sky, Fog, Fawn, Seafoam, Habanero, and Dijon.

“We saw that the places Amadeus could go were very much all over the map,” said Nigel Scott-Williams, Business Development Officer at Leland International. “A boundless energy that popped up or touched down in a wide variety of places, and we followed our curiosities.”

Built to exceed a 500-lb. test, Amadeus is elegant and optimistic—a welcoming character for areas like cafeterias or informal meeting rooms.

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