Keilhauer’s New Exclusive Textile Acoya

Keilhauer is excited to announce its new exclusive textile: Acoya. The high performance cover features beautiful texture and pattern that adds sophistication, warmth and softness to commercial environments. The mix and match upholstery features a trend leading color offering and exceptional durability, making Acoya an excellent selection for any number of applications.

The name Acoya is a playful acronym for “A Choose Your Own Adventure.” Like the popular storybooks from childhood, Acoya is about experimentation and choice. The mix-and-match textile features four different designs – Pixel, Scatter, Grid and Reverse — and 10 coordinated colors ranging from trendy high-energy brights to timeless soft neutrals. Print mixing and color blocking is simple with Acoya, allowing designers to create a feeling of the unexpected while maintaining cohesion.

Made from over 50 percent recycled content.

Learn More About Acoya on the Keilhauer Website


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