Keilhauer Velvety – Ultra Soft and Zero Waste

Velvety is an ultra-soft, durable fabric that has been made from partially recycled content and the highest quality of certified materials. All textile waste produced from manufacturing Velvety is converted into new yarn that is reused for the backings of other textiles, making it a true zero-waste product. With a gorgeous array of 19 modern, contemporary colorways, Velvety is in-stock and available on all Keilhauer products.

“Keilhauer is committed to providing our customers with innovative, sustainable design options,” says Joseph Palladino, Sustainability Officer at Keilhauer. “That is why we are so excited to offer Velvety to our customers – it is proof that a premium quality fabric can be made using post-consumer, recycled cotton scraps and fibers derived from PET bottles, therefore contributing less waste.”

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