Introducing Keilhauer’s Latest Sustainable Textile: Nova

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything Keilhauer does, and that includes the textiles they thoughtfully select for their world-class upholstery library. With this in mind, Keilhauer is excited to announce the launch of their latest sustainable textile, Nova.

With an underlying black yarn, Nova features a high-performance construction with a strong texture that is both visual and tactile. Earthy and joyous tones pair with a salt and peppery effect for an unexpected and contemporary palette that is sure to impress. Nova combines energetic-yet-casual atmospheres with performance and an easy clean, making it the ideal textile for high-traffic, welcoming spaces where warmth, comfort and durability are paramount.

Nova is made from 33% recycled yarn and the highest quality of certified materials. All textile waste produced from manufacturing Nova is converted into new yarn that is reused for the backings of other textiles, which makes it a zero-waste product. Additionally, Nova has been subject to a Life Cycle Assessment and is certified after Standard 100 of OEKOTEX, one of the world’s best-known labels that verifies the safety of textiles for human health.

Read More About Nova on the Keilhauer Website

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