HBF Textiles Spring Collection 2018

“I believe the quality of a tactile experience is essential. These materials are thoughtful, warm, fuzzy, bold and rich.”

– Mary Jo Miller

Explore the HBF 2018 Spring Collection on the HBF Textiles website.


Color Code

A simple design that conveys multiple colorations against a solid backdrop allows Color Code to work as both a solid and a pattern. Six weft positions create this “DNA strand” of color with bleach cleanable properties


Digital Bloom

Digital Bloom conveys a foral impression in a modern, pixelated translation. This pattern has been described as a hip camouflage, a tiled floral, a complex puzzle…Whatever the description, it’s a versatile pattern with tremendous performance attributes.


Pepper Blend

This supple peppery cloth has dimensions and softness with a built-in abrasion resistance of 100,000 double rubs – providing the best of both worlds.



Who doesn’t love going on a last-minute weekend getaway? Our Weekender is a polyurethane faux leather, with a large grain texture that reflects a luxurious, leather travel bag. Color names are some of our favorite weekend spots.


Ziggy Zag

Specifically named to call out the zig zag shading that occurs from the space dyed yarn stitched into this pattern. Ziggy Zag is a dimensional design that does double duty for both upholstery and wrapped panel applications.


Modern Patina

Modern Patina is reminiscent of 1930’s luxury, Italian luggage. It fuses artisan techniques and original tanning recipes with modern processing procedures.

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