HBF Textiles Debuts Curious Crowd Collection at NeoCon 2018

HBF Textiles worked with Ghislaine Viñas to launch her very first textile collection – the Curious Crowd collection – at NeoCon 2018. The six designs were inspired by the brilliant colors and patterns of ocean creatures and garnered Viñas and HBF Textiles an Interior Design HiP Award at the show.

New York City-based interior designer Ghislaine Viñas has always enjoyed looking at things from a different angle — placing things upside down and giving them a little shake. Born in the Netherlands and growing up in South Africa influenced the way she looks at the world and how she approaches her work in residential, commercial, hospitality and product design. Ghislaine studied interior design at Philadelphia University and established her design firm in New York City in 1999. Her projects have garnered numerous design awards and have been published nationally and internationally. Ghislaine continues to be inspired by the world around her and intends to continue shaking things up.

Explore the complete, award-winning Curious Crowd collection on the HBF Textiles website.


Captain Bubble

Mr. Dimple

Sir Stripe-a-lot

Sister Solid

Ms. Quilty

Madam Dottie

Curious Crowd Collection

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