LUNA Textiles Off the Grid Spring Collection 2020

Luna’s Spring Collection includes a mix of high performance, sustainability minded, and yet value driven textiles. Our inspiration for this collection comes from the independent, forward-thinking solutions of off-the-grid communities from around the world.

With a commitment to living without a reliance on public utilities, off-the-Grid communities have designed a lifestyle and buildings that represent their commitment to sustainability and value. This style of living allows people to be self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, and cost conscious.

In this spirit, we have designed a collection of grid-inspired textures that pull from the principles of off-the-grid living. Our collection is motivated by sustainability. Recycled and/or bio-based materials are key elements in many of the textiles. As low-cost living is a significant component of being an off-grid resident, we have focused on creating value driven textiles, at reasonable price-points.

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